Coen Elemans lab


Associate professor/PI Coen Elemans main research interest is to answer the fundamental question “How is neural activity translated into sound?”.

In our lab we focus our research on sound communication, on the control mechanisms of the sound production in vocal vertebrates. We study model systems, such as songbirds, bats, and toadfish while we also investigate the comparative physiology and evolution of the sound productions mechanisms.


We are mainly interested in the interactions between the nervous system, morphology and the environment to understand the generation of sound. By means of a variety of in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro experimental physiological techniques combined with various forms of (high-speed) imaging.


Our research has recently discovered that the existence of superfast muscles in (song) birds (Elemans et al, Nature 2004; PLoS ONE 2008) and mammals (bats, Elemans et al. Science 2011). And we are currently investigating on the understanding of 1) the function and cellular mechanisms underlying superfast muscle design and 2) the evolution of the superfast muscle motor protein, myosin, using a genomic approach.


You can read more about our research on our own webpage:


You can find Coen Elemans publications here


Students in the lab:

PhD student Daniel Düring studies the “Neuromechnics of sound production in songbirds”. You can read more about the project here.

PhD student Jeppe Have Rasmussen studies the "Neural control and biomechanics of sound production in birds". You can read more about the project here.

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