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Welcome to the Sound Communication and Behaviour group at the University of Southern Denmark.


We study hearing, sound production, echolocation and how it all relates behaviourally, in many different animal groups: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals (mainly bats and marine mammals). We investigate the sensory systems at a physiological level, linking them with the animal’s behavioural ecology. We focus both at an organismal level and compare with an evolutionary perspective to other organisms that have developed similar solutions.


We use a variety of experimental methods and approaches. For instance, we use multi-microphone array recordings of bat and whale echolocation sounds to investigate how they use them for navigation, avoiding predators, finding food and communication both in the lab and in the wild. We also use nerve measurements and investigate muscle responses using high speed imaging, to try understanding the biomechanics of sound production, the translation of neuroscience to acoustic signals. We use as well for studying hearing, laser measurements of eardrum vibrations, psychophysical methods which include training of animals and ABR methods (Auditory Brainstem Response).

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