Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard lab


Associate professor Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard focuses mainly on the evolution of the middle ear and directional hearing, mainly in reptiles, amphibians and birds. Ongoing research is within neuroethology, using neurophysiological techniques (ABR and single-cell physiology), psychophysics and biophysics (laser vibrometry) and biorobotics.

A special focus of the last years have been to understand directional hearing in lizards (like geckos) that have strongly coupled eardrums, leading to a highly directional ear. We (JCD and Catherine Carr, University of Maryland) are presently investigating the neural processing of the directional cues.

You can find Jakob's publications here

and more information (reprints etc.) on his ResearchGate page

Another research focus has been the function (and loss) of the middle ear in frogs and toads. Work on 'earless' toads in Ecuador and Peru has been done in collaboration with Kim Hoke and PhD student Molly Womack from Colorado State University. Also, we have started to investigate development of hearing in frogs and toads.You can read more about Molly's projects here.

  • Phd student Tanya Bojesen Lauridsen (start August 2016) Development of hearing in natterjack toads
  • Phd student Søren Vissing Jørgensen - multi-agent simulation of frog communication

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