Lasse Jakobsen lab


Assistant Professor Lasse Jakobsen focuses on Adaptive behaviour in echolocating bats, from sensory input to motor output.

I study echolocation in bats, how bats can navigate and forage in complete darkness by emitting high-frequency sound pulses and localising objects in their surroundings from the returning echoes. I am particularly interested in the interaction between echolocation and flight, how did echolocation and flight influence each other during evolution and what compromises and limitations do they impose on each other.

Postdoc Signe Brinkløv - I study the bioacoustics, behavioral ecology and sensory biology of echolocators, using the very different echolocation systems of bats and birds as primary model systems.

My PhD focused chiefly on emitter aspects, namely, using microphone arrays to estimate the intensity and directionality of echolocation signals from Neotropical phyllostomid bats and reveal how those signals are adapted to foraging habitat.

You can read more about my research here.

PhD student Clément Cechetto - studies "Multimodal integration in echolocating bats". You can read more about the project here.

PhD student Mads Nedergaard Olsen - studies "Multi agent behaviour of navigating groups".

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