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Associate Professor Ole Næsbye Larsen PhD, studies different aspects of acoustic communication in a variety of experimental animals both in laboratory and field.

In collaboration with Professor Torben Dabelsteen, KU, he studies acoustic communication in parrots (Orange-fronted Conures) both in their natural habitat in Costa Rica and in a psychoacoustic setup in the lab. The project focuses on information exchange in fission-fusion flocks. Additionally, he and Torben study sound propagation in the field and possible sound signal adaptations in both Conures in Costa Rica and Swift Foxes in Colorado, USA.


In collaboration with Magnus Wahlberg and Jakob Christensens-Dalsgaard he studies underwater hearing in diving birds (Cormorants and others) using psychoacoustic methods combined with measurements of auditory brainstem responses and eardrum vibrations using laser vibrometry.


In another project together with Jakob Christensens-Dalsgaard he studies anatomical and physiological adaptations to directional hearing mainly in birds (Zebra Finches, Barn Owls, Ostriches, Tinamous and others) to elucidate function and evolutionary perspectives.


Lately he has returned to studying directional hearing in the complicated 4-input system of the cricket ear in collaboration with Martin Lankheet and Johan L. van Leeuwen, University of Wageningen, NL.


In the past Ole was involved in pioneering studied of sound production in the avian syrinx. These studies are now continued by Coen Elemans with whom he collaborates. Ole is also interested in unconventional mechanisms of sound production, e.g. in animals using non-laryngeal accessory structures such as teeth and air sacs (e.g. the walrus in collaboration with Colleen Reichmuth, UCSC, USA).

Current students by November 2016:




Camilla Arndal Rotvel (start 1st September 2013): Development of methods for objective sensory EEG analysis of brain processes activated by sugar, fat and substitutes. (Main supervisor: Preben Kidmose, AU; Co-supervisors: Ole Næsbye Larsen, SDU & Stine Møller, Dupont Nutrition and Bioscience Aps & Troels Wesenberg Kjær, Roskilde Sygehus & CU)





44. Daniel Aaron Hartley (Graduated September 2015): Understanding the impact of tourist interactions with the whale shark, Rhicondon typus for the development of a sustainable ecotourism industry in Southern Leyte, Philippines (En undersøgelse af betydningen af turistinteraktioner med hvalhajen Rhincodon typus for udviklingen af en bæredygtig økoturisme på Southern Leyte i Philippinerne)


45. Kristine Langager Jensen (Graduated May 2016): 'Can the common dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius be regarded as an umbrella species for biodiversity in Danish forests?' (Kan hasselmusen Muscardinus avellanarius betragtes som en paraplyart for biodiversitet i danske skove?)


46. Sara Torres Ortiz (Graduated August 2016): 'Problem solving capabilities of Peach-fronted conures (Eupsittula aurea) studied with the string-pulling test' (Halvmåneparakittens (Eupsittula aurea) evne til at løse problemer studeret med snoretrækstesten)


47. Annika Corinna Toth (Graduated August 2016): 'The acoustic pathway to the inner ear of the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)' (Hørebanen til det indre øre hos marsvinet (Phocoena phocoena))


48. Jeanet Martedal Öngiden Christensen (Graduated September 2016): 'Aspects of sound communication in the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus)' (Aspekter af huskattens (Felis silvestris catus) lydkommunikation)


49. Karina Stampe Jakobsen (Graduated September 2016): 'Social network structure and parasite transmission in king skinks (Egermia kingii)' (Social netværksstruktur og parasitoverførsel hos kongeskink (Egermia kingii))


50. Héctor Fernández Martin (Graduated November 2016: 'Self-recognition in marine mammals studied by the mirror test' (Marine pattedyrs selvopfattelse undersøgt ved hjælp af spejltesten)






60. Bolette Faarvang Hansen (Graded and finalized August 2014): Precopulatory female choice. Mechanisms and functions (Hunners prækopulatoriske valg af mage. Mekanismer og funktioner)


61. Simon Kongshøj Callesen (Graded and finalized August 2014): The audiogram of the cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) determined at low background noise levels (Mellemskarvens (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) audiogram bestemt ved lav baggrundsstøjniveau)


62. Cecilie Thuelund (Graded and finalized September 2014): Learning and colour preferences in female zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) (Indlæring og farvepræferencer hos hunlige zebrafinker (Taeniopygia guttata))


63. Rasmus Salomon (Graded and finalized September 2014): Does the intracranial cavities influence directional hearing in zebra finches? (Har de intrakraniale hulrum indflydelse på retningshørelsen hos zebrafinker?)


64. Jonathan Birk Rasmussen (Graded and finalized September 2014): Personality in animals: an example from the Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace (Ovis aries) (Personlighed hos dyr: et eksempel med Spelsaufåreracen (Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace, Ovis aries))


65. Karina Stampe Jørgensen (Graded and finalized September 2014): The social organization of naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber) compared with that of honeybees (Nøgne muldvarpe-rotters (Heterocephalus glaber) sociale organisering sammenlignet med honningbiernes)


66. Jeanet Martedal Öngiden Christensen (Graded and finalized October 2014): Same sex sexual behaviour in mammals with emphasis on primates (Seksuel adfærd mellem individer af samme køn indenfor pattedyrene, specielt hos primater)


67. Ditte Bølle Jespersen (Graded and finalized November 2014): Migration and navigation in solitary vertebrates – specifically in sea turtles (Migration og navigation hos solitære vertebrater – specielt med henblik på havskildpadder)


68. Søs Gerster Engbo (Graded and finalized February 2015): Species conservation - biological & ethical aspects (Artsbevarelse - biologiske & etiske aspekter)


69. Trine Bottos Olsen (Graded and finalized June 2015): Etimating height in humans with the use of long bones. A study based on published data and simulations in R (Estimering af legemshøjde ud fra knoglelængder hos mennesker. Et studie baseret på publicerede data og simuleringer i R) (Main supervisor: Hans Christian Petersen, IMADA, SDU)


70. Kasper Fjordside (Graded and finalized June 2015): Contact calls of Central American parrots of the genus Eupsittula (Kontaktkald hos mellemamerikanske papegøjer af slægten Eupsittula)


71. Rikke Vedel Nielsen (Graded and finalized August 2015): Welsh Black cattle use of shelter under different weather conditions (Welsh Black kvægets brug af læ-muligheder under forskellige vejrforhold)


72. Sofie Berg Hansen (Graded and finalized August 2015): Welsh Black cattle use of shelter under different weather conditions (Welsh Black kvægets brug af læ-muligheder under forskellige vejrforhold)


73. Malene Leander Nielsen (Graded and finalized June 2016). Dissimination about bird migration (Formidling om fugletræk)






You can find Ole Næsbye publications here and a full list of all his previous students here.

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