PhD program:


SNAK is the Danish PhD School on Sense organs, Nerve systems, Behaviour, and Communication


The school represents a nation-wide network of four Danish universities that are engaged in training young researchers within the broad field of Neuroethology, Behaviour, and Communication.


You can find more information on the SNAK webpage.


Master program:


The University of Southern Denmark offers a wide range of master programs, all offered in English. We are part of the Master in Biology, concretely of the:



You can find more detailed information following the links (the Master on Bioacoustics is still being defined, email us for more details).


Recommended courses:


PhD courses:

  • Acoustic communication: A PhD course ,done every second year. The next course is going to be hold in August 2017.


Master courses (in English):


Bachelor courses:

  • Zoophysiology (in Danish)
  • Zoology (in Danish)
  • First year project
  • Research projects
  • Bachelor thesis


For doing research project, bachelor and master thesis, please contact the PI you would like to work with, depending on the topic of your interest.


Resources for students can be found here (click to get access to lab manuals)

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